Accident at soccer game

Here’s a little story about series of unfortunate events that actually turned out ok. Little piece of advice, never buy new phone if your phones screen goes out of commission. Just keep an eye out for a cell phone repair store and if you break your phone in Portland make sure you take it to the Beaverton cell phone screen repair specialist.

Seattle Sounders vs. Timbers game

So me and some of my buddies from Seattle decided to take a little trip down to Portland, Oregon to watch the Seattle Sounders play against their rival cross state team, the Portland Timbers. For those of you who don’t know these are two soccer teams in the Major League Soccer in America.

I actually have a very close friend from my UW soccer days, who plays for the Seattle Sounder’s. So He hooks me up with some nice seats every game for a good price.

Not only was it a big game because of Seattle and Portland’s rivalry, but also it was a game to win our conference and advance to the semi finals of the MLS. My friends and I were so fired up for the game. We were all donning a Seattle Sounder jerseys, but we aren’t like the hard-core fans you see on TV with their costumes and face paint. The fan spirit is one of my favorite aspects of the game. Obviously American soccer fans aren’t as crazy as the European and South American, but they still make it fun.

Right from the start the game was a battle. Dempsey and Anderson started barreling down the field from the kick off. Anderson passed it to Dempsey, who decided he was on fire because he took on the whole defense, out dribbling them, and shooting the ball into the top left upper 90 of the goal, putting the goalie to shame. The roar of the Seattle crowd was beautiful. Dempsey was lit. He ran across the sideline pointing to the fans celebrating. Green, blue, and white towels and confetti flew everywhere. Dempsey’s teammates all rushed him in excitement. If you want to help get your teams moral boosted at the start of a game, a goal is definitely the best way to do it. Now all they have to do is keep their focus, score another goal, and play lock down defense.

The Timbers got lucky off of a header in a corner kick, close to the start of the second half. Bringing the game to 1-1 stalemate. Near miss shots and blocks on goal were flying from both sides of the pitch. It looked like the game was heading into over time until Dempsey again took charge and showed his dominance on the field. Yedlin, one of Settles defenders, took the ball all the way from the back and crossed the ball to Dempsey from midfield. Dempsey put a beautiful touch on the ball. Dribbling across the last two defenders, on a break away to the goal he buried the ball into the cross bar bouncing it into the goal. Seattle had won! We were on our way to the semi finals! The Seattle crowd roared in excitement every one out of their seats chanting and blowing their vuvuzela’s.

What turned out to be a very exciting day quickly turned out to have some disaster. While I was cheering I was filming the excitement with my phone and some idiot knocked it out of my hand. It smacked the cement floor with a crunch. Horrified I picked up my phone horrified by its cracked screen. Before I could turn around to see who it was they were long gone. It felt like someone had just hit and run my car. Still somewhat happy from the great win that day deep down I was very angry.

My Broken Phone

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Sir Alex Ferguson

The best coach

I write this post as a dedication to one of the greatest soccer coaches to ever take part in the game, Sir Alex Ferguson. I am proud to say that I have seen Manchester United play under his command, thanks to Nick at, for rewarding us with a company retreat.

Sir Alexander Ferguson is a Scottish native who made his name by leading the great Manchester United to becoming a household name. He has more than 40 trophies featured in his story in a career that spanned a quarter century. He is Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and Arsene Wenger all rolled in to one.

Ferguson was born in Glasgow in 1941. He went on to play football for 6 clubs for more than 300 games becoming a top scorer in this short span. His outspoken nature directly pointed to a future in a management career. After 4 years at East Stirlingshire, he joined Aberdeen and made his intentions clear from the very beginning. By taking Aberdeen from nothing to something; going on to face Real Madrid in the European Cup Winners Cup final where they won. They went on to win the Scottish cup after a few weeks. He was on everyone’s radar now. He was even awarded an O.B.E during this time. He went on to join Manchester in 1986 when Atkinson was sacked. He went on to change the entire culture of the team in alignment with his beliefs, revolutionizing diet, training, scouting and youth development systems. New players arrived but 3 years without a trophy put him under immense pressure. Lee Ferguson’s goal finally gave him his first trophy at the club. He went on to deliver the club’s first league title in nearly 3 decades in 1993. That was the beginning of a football dynasty.

Machester United

Whatever he says, his post-match commentaries and his side line rants on the field carried so much weight. Whichever team went down the Tunnel of Dreams in the old Trafford had to be scared. He was a force to reckon with. 27 titles with Manchester United; winning a treble in 1999. You’ve got to respect the man. And how could you not fear him when he had the most formidable team of the 90s. He revolutionized this football club. Manchester was no longer a football club but a sporting legend. His strong Scottish accent could not hide the passion he had for the game. He couldn’t settle for lackluster results. Many greats passed through his hands. Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham being some of his most famous exports. His story is one of desire to do better. One of relentlessness needs to win. The strength he had as a leader was remarkable. An inspirational figure. A good team player, who wanted to win as much as his players. Because even in his 60s, he could run across the field jumping like a 5-year-old; with so much joy over a comeback win at the last minutes of the game that became synonymous with his style of play. He was ready to make unpopular decisions for the good of the club. In his last days, he became more of a father figure within the club. The players could only trust him. And herein lay his greatest strength.

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David Beckham

David Beckham

Football super star David Beckham was born on May 2, 1975, in Leytonstone, London, England. His parents were Ted and Sandra Beckham. He was the only boy in the family and middle child to two sisters. His family was devoted fans to the legendary soccer team Manchester United, where he would end out playing most of his career.

Before the EPL (English Premier League)

At a young age it was obvious that Beckham possessed a talent for soccer. When he was 11 years old he won the Booby Charlton Soccer Schools National Skills competition. Which soon caught the eye of Manchester United team officials, who had him try out for their youth academy. At the age of 16, Beckham left home to play for Manchester United’s training division. Two years later he was on the official club team and by 1995 he made his debut as a full time starter.

Rise to fame


In no time Beckham had made his mark on English soccer. The talented soccer player was dubbed the Professional Footballers’ Association Young Player of the Year in 1997. The following year he was he was labeled as a leader on England’s national team.

In 1998 Beckham had signed a deal with Adidas for $13 million in endorsement deals. The Beckham brand became even more popular once he met his wife to be, Victoria Adams, also known as, “Posh Spice” from the Spice Girls. The two were in love with each other and had their first child Brooklyn Joseph on March 4, 1999. Two months later the two got married in Dublin Ireland.

Not only was he having success off the field. In 1999 he helped Manchester United win the Premier League title, the FA Cup championship, and the Champions League title. He also helped England get into the 2002 world cup with a last minute free kick goal against Greece. That same year Manchester United gave him a $22 million contract to prolong his stay.

His extension with Manchester United was short lived. In 2003 Beckham surprised everyone with his move to Real Madrid. I believe he signed a $30 million contract with them. The move shed light on the growing separation between Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Beckham’s move to America

LA Galaxy

In 2007 Beckham made a move across the Atlantic Ocean, to sign a $250 million 5 year contract with La Galaxy. The relocation would help boost Victoria Beckham’s career as much as it would boost the promotion of America’s Major League Soccer. Within 48 hours of the signing LA Galaxy sold 5,000 season tickets.

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One of the greatest soccer players today

The Best

No list of world’s best footballers is complete without the name Cristiano Ronaldo, one of my favorite footballers of all time to ever play soccer. Check out Cristiano Ronaldo’s website, its really nice.

So, who is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Born Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese professional soccer player who currently plays for the Spanish club Real Madrid as a forward. Cristiano is rated as of the world’s best scorer player. Being a prolific goal scorer, he has played for some of the biggest football clubs including Manchester United FC. He has also won numerous soccer awards including Ballon d’Or, which he first won when he was 22, and FIFA World Player of the Year. Ronaldo has also won the Portuguese player of the year several times. He has made history for being the only soccer to win 3 consecutive European Golden Shoe awards.

Early life

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on 5th March, 1985, in Santo Antonio, Portugal, on the island of Madeira. He is the youngest child of Jose Dinis Aveiro and Maria Dolores dos Santos. Cristiano Ronaldo has a brother, Hugo, and two sisters, Elma and Catia. He started playing soccer when he was only 8 years old, when he joined an amateur team known as Andoriha. He later signed with a local club, Nacional FC, 3 years later.

Style of play

Cristiano Ronaldo can play an attacking role, mostly playing as either a winger or striker. He is particularly known for his superb finishing ability, awesome dribbling skills and spectacular crossing ability. He is also mentally sharp, known for his unrivaled technical skill, flair in beating players as well as superb control and dribbling ability. He is currently Real Madrid’s most prolific goal scorer of all time.

Career history



Having won the title league with Nacional FC, Ronaldo later joined Sporting CP at the age of 16, hence making history as the club’s youngest player. Shortly afterwards, he was promoted from the club’s youth team to their first-team courtesy of his great dribbling skills. While playing for Sporting CP, he caught the attention of Alex Ferguson, the then Manchester United manager. He later joined Manchester United FC in 2003 where he scored several goals and helped the team win a number of league titles. In the next six seasons, Ronaldo played in 292 games with the Manchester club. In those games he managed to score one hundred and eighteen goals. Of course, his natural flamboyance earned him such endearing accolades as “monstrous ego” and “petulant”. Ronaldo shrugged of any implied criticism. After all, whatever he was doing, it was working and working well. In 2008 alone, he scored 42 goals for Manchester United and earned the title of the FIFA World Player of the Year. Cristiano also played for Team Portugal in the 2004 and 2008 EURO and in the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

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Zizou, A Living Legend

Zidane The Great

Arguably one of the greatest soccer players of our time, Zinedine Zidane excelled in so much on the pitch that by the time I was a little boy when his star was just beginning to shine, I idolized him. His world cup exploits and the way he exited the game were just the highlights of his career and I doubt that anyone can ever forget those moments. Born on the 23rd of June 1972, there is no doubt that by the time he started playing youth football for US Saint-Henri he was going to be a star. His brilliance on the pitch as a Cannes FC youth player is what led to his promotion to the senior team in the year 1989. Here, He made 60 appearances for the team and bagging six goals in the process. He stayed in Cannes for three years before Bordeaux took notice of him and bought him in 1992.

Staying at Bordeaux for four years which was from 1992 to the year 1996. He had a very successful career here having played 139 games and scoring 28 goals. He played a significant role in the club’s success during this period even finishing second to Bayern Munich in the 95-96 UEFA Cup. The midfield role that he got to play here with the likes of Christophe Dugarry and Bixente Lizarazu was even instrumental in France lifting the 1998 World Cup. A lot of English clubs turned down the chance to sign him at this period, and even some cited him as not having the quality to play in the English first division league. He won the Ligue 1 Player of the Year in 1996 and Italian giants; Juventus came calling, and he said yes.

Great Soccer player

While at Juventus, he made quite a name for himself and no one can deny the fact that he was the key to success that Juventus enjoyed during the time he was there. Winning the 1996-97 Series proved that this was the phenomenon that he was always going to be. With Juventus, he also won the Intercontinental Cup that year but lost to Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League Final. It is around this time with Juventus that he took home his first Ballon d’Or when he was named FIFA World Player of the Year. In 2001, He joined Real Madrid for a whopping 75 million Euro and penned a four-year contract. He won the 2002 UEFA Champions League Final against Bayer Leverkusen even scoring a volley that will always be remembered fondly.

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I am Zlatan

I am Zlatan

For my first post I have decided to write a bout one of my many favorite football players, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Known for being a fiery Swedish football player, he has become one of Europe’s top strikers. To me he is a very unique player in his playing style, attitude, and size. He weighs in at 6’5 and 209lbs. There aren’t too many football players his size, let alone strikers. Surprisingly Ibrahimovic is still very agile and fast, which is what makes him so special. There will never be another football player like Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Early Life:

Born on October 3, 1981, in Malmö, Sweden, Zlatan Ibrahimovic had a rough upbringing in the         immigrant populated district of Rosengård. His father was Bosnian and mother Croatian. His parents divorced when he was only two. Growing up Ibrahimovic was known for stealing bikes and a school bully, but as he matured he grew into a tall, agile figure with a natural talent for soccer.

Professional Career:

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s made his first professional debut in 1999 with Malmö FF. At the time they were a second-division club. His second season there he helped them jump to first-division. The 6’5 striker quickly gained notice and signed with a well-known Dutch club AFC Ajax. There he refined his skills as a soccer player and became known for his fiery temper.

Ibrahimovic transferred to Juventus F.C. after four consecutive seasons with Ajax. He helped lead the Italian football club to two Series A championships. Unfortunately, those titles were stripped from Juventus due to club management being accused of fixing games. The following season Ibrahimovic transferred to rival club Inter Milan where even greater success followed. With Inter Milan Ibrahimovic won three Series A Championships and a UEFA Champions League title in 2009.

The Following season he was traded to one of the greatest soccer clubs, F.C. Barcelona, for Samuel Eto’o. Starring for the prominent soccer club Ibrahimovic went on to win a league title and another UEFA Champions League title, unfortunately his career with Barcelona was short lived, due to a disagreement between him and manager Pep Guardiola. He spent the following season on loan to A.C. Milan. In 2011 the Italian club bought his contract outright, although he won his 2nd scoring crown it was that season that brought an end to Ibrahimovic’s outstanding streak of eight straight seasons on title winning club teams.

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